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If students are hoping to get scholarships based on scores, they need to start taking the tests in the spring/summer before their senior year.  Retests can continue to be sent in to qualify for more scholarship money.


Apply Texas

Apply Texas is a website where you can apply to all Texas public colleges and universities.  Most schools will use this tool as their application.  It is important to create an account and then create applications to any school you are interested in attending.


The Common Application

Many colleges now offer students the option of using the Common Application. The Common Application allows the student to complete one application online which then submits the same information to all the schools the student designates. Some colleges may require supplemental information in addition to the Common Application.



Every student, regardless of financial situation, will be required to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid for college. Parents and students may start applying for FAFSA on October 1st of their senior year. Parents will use their tax information from the previous year. It is important to check with each college to know when applications are due. Some scholarships and financial aid are based on a first come, first served basis so it is important to fill out the FAFSA and get it sent to any college your child might be interested in.

When applying, the parent and child will set up a FSA number.  MAKE SURE THE PARENT AND STUDENT USE SEPARATE EMAILS to do this or you may encounter problems.  You may use the following link to register:


THEA Information


10th, 11th, & 12th Grades

Registration: UTPB-Odessa 432.552.2630

Test Dates: Optional: M-Th 9 am & 2pm, Fri 9 am, Sat 10 am with appointment