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Programs Offered

Seminole Success Center Choice Program

Seminole ISD’s Choice Program is housed at the Seminole ISD Success Center. Students who complete credits for their Foundation High School Program diploma at the Success Center will graduate from Seminole High School. In the Choice program, students complete credits online using the Odysseyware program.  The Odysseyware lesson design fosters ongoing collaboration between learners and teachers, enabling students to progress and practice at their own pace and receive support and guided instruction as needed. The curriculum is intentionally designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of all students, including struggling students, students in special education, English language learners and students that need content remediation.  

To be considered for the Choice program a student must be:

  • between 15 and 21 years of age,
  • a legal resident of Seminole ISD,
  • possess the maturity necessary to benefit from a self-paced curriculum, 
  • and meet one or more of the following:
    • be a parent,
    • be a student who is considered homeless,
    • was not advanced from one grade level to the next for one or more years
    • is a student of limited English proficiency
    • be considered a dropout or “At-Risk” for dropping out of school.

Additionally, students must have a good attendance history and a good discipline history.  Students also need to be motivated and able to work independently. Our Choice program is designed to serve students requiring flexibility with scheduling. In many cases, Success Center students are coping with challenging life events that require a non-traditional setting with personalized school hours. The program also provides teacher taught classes, tutorials and preparation for students taking the TSIA, GED, ACT/SAT & Texas STAAR End-of-Course assessments. Students are expected to take notes while working units in preparation for culminating tests.  

Success Center Choice students are also required to meet the following expectations to remain in the program:  Regularly attend, complete assignments, and maintain consistent course progress; Take responsibility for their own learning and success;  Respect self, peers, teachers, staff; Adhere to the technology guidelines of acceptable use and internet safety as established in the Seminole ISD Technology Resources Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy;  Observe the expectation that phones and other electronic devices are not to be used while on campus; Maintain acceptable behavior; Adhere to the SISD dress code and student code of conduct.