MaryAnn Penner

A sophomore and an expecting mother, MaryAnn was considering dropping out of school. That was until the High School counselors recommended she visit with the Success Center. 

MaryAnn Penner started at the Success Center in January of 2019, and completed the program on September 11th.
“The staff at Success Center was really nice, helpful, and supportive of my goals. I was somewhat familiar with the process, my brother had graduated from the Success Center nine years prior. I knew I could work at my own pace...and I knew that I ultimately wanted to finish school. This staff helped me accomplish just that.”

MaryAnn made a lasting impression on her peers, staff, and the administration alike.

Success Center counselor, Tina Henson, stated, “She got in and knocked her classes out really quick. She has a natural, and dedicated drive to finish. We are incredibly proud of her.”

Success Center English teacher, Andrea Boyles, bragged on MaryAnn, stating how impressed they were of this determined, new mother. “MaryAnn is a hard worker and very, very intelligent. She rarely missed, was never late. How impressed we were - considering she had a baby in February. This is a true testament to her dedication.

MaryAnn encourages anyone who is looking for an alternative education, to please consider earning their high school diploma at the Success Center.

“Make a positive first impression during the interview process and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I started my journey at the high school, and proud it ended at the Success Center.”


He chose to attend Success so that he would be able to work more hours at his job than if he would have stayed at the high school. Jesse said,“the teachers and staff at Success are respectful and helped me finish.”


Naomi chose Seminole Success Center after becoming a mom in order to complete her high school education. Naomi stated, “Success is a great program because there aren’t as many students as high school, and the teachers and staff are the sweetest. They will make sure you understand your assignments and also help you on whatever you are struggling with.”