Seminole Primary selected as a 2019-2020 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School nominee!

Through the National Showcase Schools™ awards, the Flippen Group recognizes and celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day, creating the socio-emotional safety on school campuses that is conducive to learning. Seminole Primary, along with Seminole Elementary are two of 261 U.S. school campuses to be selected as 2019-2020 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School® Nominees.

"It's such a blessing to know that our staff is being recognized for excellence in teaching the really important traits of empathy, compassion and integrity." stated Kyle Lynch, Seminole ISD Superintendent of Schools. "Our students are much more than test scores. As our teachers capture the hearts of our students, everything else seems to take care of itself. It has been impressive watching the relationships they continue to build, and the love they pour into their students every day they step into the classroom."

Flippen Group founder, Flip Flippen, began teaching Capturing Kids’ Hearts® processes to schools in 1990. Capturing Kids’ Hearts® is an immersive, participatory experience where teachers, staff, and administrators learn and practice skills they will use and model in their classrooms, schools, and districts. Seminole Independent Schools, which is in its second year of implementation, had on-site professional development from members of The Flippen Group.  The Flippen Group is a national professional development provider operating on principles that research clearly demonstrates – that students are most likely to succeed when they are emotionally safe and able to reconnect with their natural curiosity. Flippen Group processes, such as Capturing Kids’ Hearts®, provide educators the skills they need to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Campuses implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts® processes consistently report increases in academic improvement and reductions. 

Seminole Primary Principal, Rebecca Lashaway, spoke to the staff's continued and dedicated efforts to model what a Capturing Kids Hearts campus is truly about. "Our teachers embody the Capturing Kids Hearts philosophy every day as they build relationships with our students," stated Lashaway. "I am so proud of their efforts to make a difference in the lives of every student. It is an honor to be nominated as a Capturing Kids Hearts National Showcase School. Having two SISD Campuses on the list is just another justification that SISD teachers are making a positive difference in the young lives of Seminole, Texas."  

Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School® Nominees are evaluated and selected based on survey and performance data from administrators, teachers, staff and students.