SISD remains committed to student health and wellness; takes a stand on vaping

As most of you are aware there has been a significant increase in the use of electronic smoking devices by teenagers to “vape” tobacco and other nicotine products. Studies have shown that electronic smoking devices are the most common form that teens are using to get the delivery of nicotine. Some of the most common additives in the electronic cigarette are nicotine, flavorings, and caffeine. These substances have been known to have a negative effect on adolescent brain development. 

Seminole has not been exempt from this new trend. The school administration has seen a substantial rise in the number of incidents involving electronic smoking devices over the last year.  In addition to this increase in the overall use of electronic smoking devices, there has also most recently been a rapid increase in the use of using electronic smoking devices. These devices are used in order to “vape”; not only tobacco, but also THC, which is the chemical found in marijuana. The devices are now referred to as “weed pens”. Using the electronic smoking device to deliver nicotine, THC, or any other drug increases the potency and addictivity of the drug that is being delivered.  Over the past year, Seminole school administration has found students in the possession of vaping oil that contained the marajuana chemical THC.  

With the increase and uncertainty of what is contained in these odorless electronic smoking devices, along with the inability of school administration to verify the contents through visual or olfactory inspection, and the state’s recent increase of the age requirement to purchase both tobacco and e-cigarette products from the age of 18 to 21 that will go into effect on September 1st; effective at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year Seminole ISD students in possession, using, selling, or buying a(n) electronic cigarette/vaping devices, including Juul (or parts, liquids, pods, vials, or other material thereof) will be placed in DAEP (CAPS) and police will be contacted. In accordance with the Seminole ISD Student Code of Conduct.  Additionally, other consequences outside of Seminole ISD’s control may be imposed for violations of Texas State Laws of having possession of drugs within 300 feet of a school {TEC 37.006 (a)(2)(C)(D)}.  

We encourage you to review the Seminole ISD Student Code of Conduct so that you can be aware of the expectations that all students are required to follow; which includes the District-wide discipline management plan, description of prohibited conduct, and dress code. The plan is available on the District's website.